The Process

PRECISE HOME INSPECTIONS LLC, Carefully inspects and reports on visible and accessible systems and components of the structure utilizing national standards and state-of-the-art report writing software. Each report is customized with photographs describing the conditions of the following building systems and components:

  • ladderpicExterior Building Components
  • Eifs/Stucco
  • Roofing & Gutter Systems
  • Garages, Porches, & Decks
  • Attic Structure, Insulation, & Ventilation
  • Basements & Crawlspaces
  • Conditions of Interior Rooms
  • Fireplaces & Wood Stoves
  • Heating & Cooling Systems
  • Plumbing & Electrical Systems
  • Fire & Life Safety Issues
  • Structure

In addition to performing systems and components inspections of the main structure, PRECISE HOME INSPECTIONS LLC, will also inspect and perform the following types of inspections:

  • Septic System Dye Inspections
  • Lawn Irrigation Systems
  • Pools & Spa Inspections
  • Fences
  • Detached Buildings
  • Alabama Wind Mitigation Inspections
  • Florida Wind Mitigation Inspections
  • Insurance 4-Point Inspections
  • Mold Inspections & Testing
  • Home Warranty Inspections
  • Thermal Imaging Inspections
  • Follow Up Inspections

Inspection Services

Landscape/Site Earth conditions and vegetation near the foundation, fences, gutters, patios, driveways, decks, retaining walls, property drainage, etc.

Exterior/Roof Roof conditions, flashings, siding, trims, garage doors, entry doors, windows, etc.

Heating/Air Conditioning Fireplace, chimneys, gas lines, heat exchanger, evaporator/condenser, compressor, combustion air, ducting, etc.

Plumbing Gas and water lines, water heater, laundry, faucets and valves, drains, pump, LPG tanks, etc.

Electrical Service panel, wire sizes and types, service drop, grounding, door bell, weather head, GFCI, AFCI, circuits, fixtures, switches, receptacles, etc.

Interior Water damages, walls/ceilings, flooring, weather stripping, firewalls, smoke alarm, doors, windows, hand rails, all Kitchen and Bathroom components, etc.

Structural Foundations, basements, crawlspaces, framing, attic, insulation, venting, clearances, etc.

 Additional Services

  • Weatherization/Energy Surveys
  • RecallChek for all appliances (play the video below for more information)
  • Sewer Gard (play the video below for more information; click the link for policy information)
  • Home Energy Report
  • Build Fax Report
  • See Our 90-Day & Residential Warranty Services Information (under the Services Tab)
  • Ask about our 90-Day Warranty offer

 Results After Inspection

Your Report will Include:

  • Inspection Agreement
  • Computer Generated Report
  • Explanation Of Findings
  • Same Day Reports
  • Phone Call Explaining The Inspection To My Clients If Not Present