Mold Inspection & Testing

Precise Home Inspections LLC is a highly motivated company with the best trained mold inspection specialist in the Mobile and Baldwin Counties in Alabama. Precise Home Inspections LLC provides you with an unbiased and accurate mold inspection onsite. We do not perform mold remediation but we will write you a detailed step-by-step protocol based on nationally recognized IICRC S520 gudielines, on the best methods available to remove the mold from your home/property. In the majority of cases hiring a mold remediation company to complete the task will be neccessary but it is possible that you can remove the mold yourself in some cases. Either way, we will provide you with the information based on our results as what will suit you best.

Our customers come from businesses, home-owners, renters, and real estate brokers/agents.  It is important for the people living in homes/apartments to be safe from mold and airborne toxins. You should be living in a clean envirnoment and not worried about the air that you are breathing in on a daily basis. No one wants to get sick just from living within their home. Lawsuits are on the rise from mold contamination. This is why it is critical for real estate brokers/agents and property managers to have their properties inspected for mold before selling or renting the home to a new family. The same goes for workplace owners. No one wants to get sick from just going to work.  Watch the video below to see what contributes to mold growth in the home.


Why Hire a Mold Inspection Service

Precise Home Inspections LLC will  provide services that are critical to the safety and health of you and your family as well as the integrity of your property. Understanding mold contamination problems are important because:

  1. In order to find the presence of mold in the air and on the surfaces of your home
  2. A proper mold test will tell you what species/type of mold you are dealing with
  3. Knowing the species/type of mold will allow us to create a plan of removal
  4. Mold that is potentially health hazardous can be identified
  5. The knowledge of the mold situation’s severity can help you decide how to take care of the contamination
  6. Mold contamination suits are becoming more prevalent in the legal system nowadays and are something is easily prevented with a proper mold inspection

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