Feeling Sick?

Some symptoms of exposure to Mold

Breathing difficulty, Sneezing/ Wheezing, Bronchitis, Sinus infections, Fatigue, Diarrhea, Asthma, Earaches, Nose bleeds, Joint pain, Headaches, Hair loss, Weight loss, Skin rashes, Sexual dysfunction, Cancer, Bleeding lungs, Watering eyes, Skin irritation

Watch the following video for more information on Mold Illness form the National Mold Resource Center:


Why Use Precise Home Inspections LLC:

  • To assess whether you are suffering from mold contamination
  • If there is a musty odor lingering in your home or rooms
  • If there is a persistant leak for more than a period of 24 hours
  • After dealing with a flood, pipe break, or water leak
  • If you begin to notice strange spots on the walls and/or ceiling
  • If you are purchasing or renting a previously owned home or apartment

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